Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Considering today a loading day. Starting ALL OVER AGAIN tomorrow.

Yes it is true.  Coincidentally, today is Fat Tuesday & tomorrow Ash Wednesday...if I were religious, this would be so convenient, lol.

My thoughts are this:  I bought the drops, I started this blog, I started the diet, I faltered and stumbled.  I don't need to just quit because I stumbled & fell.  I can start again. 

This time I can make a different committment.  The committment is not just to Try To Get Through This so I can get to the weight loss.   This time it will be simply Staying On Protocol for 21 days.  No cheating.  No giving up in frustration.  Simply following the directions of the diet.  That's it.  After 21 days I can decide what to do next.  OK, starting the drops again. 

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