Friday, March 4, 2011

Went a little crazy today with the cheats. Day: Over.

Today was tough, and I've been emotional.  After my first cheat this morning, I got a call from my friend who is really against severe least it seems she is...she told me she was reading about this diet & was urging me to not do it, because it's "not natural" and it's "messing with hormones" and that she thought I was going to ruin my metabolism and otherwise screw my body up.  She was telling me that she missed the high-energy girl who ran 4 miles almost every day.   She was really breaking down my reserve, telling me that I may never be able to eat carbs without gaining weight ever again.....and now I have to do more research because I'm second - guessing myself about this now.

Today's cheat (I chalk the whole day up to a Big Misstep):
apple fritter:  560 cal
plain m&m's:  240 cal
slice cheese pizza: 600 cal
1 tbsp mayo:  100 cal
1 slice bread:  75 cal
100 grams chicken:  170 cal
3 tbsp whole milk: 27 cal
4 tbsp pad thai noodles:  125 cal
grand total:  1897 cal

Well.   I'm thinking that I need an attitude change.  I need some coping skills, too.   I'm off to read others' blogs and to do some more research.

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  1. I am so sorry you are having a hard time. No fun! You know sometimes a certain diet just doesn't fit a person at a certain point in time. This may be the case? It may not? In my opinion, the way things played out early on in the diet for you is not going to help. Those early days are awesome and if you aren't able to tap into to those big losses I would also be frustrated too. I am not saying to give up- I am merely saying perhaps you can try again at a later time and really be ready, you know? The HCG diet is so difficult in that regard- most diets you are changing the foods you eat gradually and exercising more... however on HCG you have got to change immediately and stick it out and stick to it.

    It is true- while on this diet you aren't going to necessarily be able to run 4 miles a day (but if you were doing it before HCG for more than 2 months you can keep it up just not as long perhaps?). We can eat carbs again. We actually do change our metabolism for the better. I know I for one could eat things I never really could before and not gain. I know I started POLE DANCING (at home for exercise- no I didn't find another career :))after I lost the weight- it is the most intense workout I have ever done in my life. It is like vertical acrobatics and I WAS DOING IT!!! (I plan to start it back up soon and sculpt muscles I never thought I would have!:)) HCG leaves your muscles intact and strips that unnecessary fat away and even transforms and proportions your body so all of the sudden it opened up doors I never thought possible.

    Just another question: since you aren't feeling that well on it... Just wanted to ask if you are taking supplements: a multivitamin and B6/B12 supplements are wonderful! If you haven't I would definitely suggest these. Also, I wouldn't give up until I knew for sure it wasn't hormonal. Anyway, hope that helps and whatever you choose, it is your decision and your decision alone. :) Thinking of you... take care!