Monday, March 7, 2011

Did not weigh in this morning. Not done with this though.

I wrote this to this homeopathic HCG board on Yahoo that I'm on.  I hope I get a detailed response....I believe I can actually do this if I get all my ducks in a row w/ regard to information. 

OK so I ended up throwing in the towel on the diet 3 days ago out of frustration (this is a really difficult diet, especially if you are really addicted to carbs as I am).    I believe that one element contributing to my mental focus (or lack of it) while on the diet was a lack of being convinced of the validity of the diet.   I did do research on the diet but there is so much conflicting information out there that it was almost impossible to navigate it with confidence.  When I asked questions based on the available facts about the diet on another board I was on, I was treated as if I were a pariah whose main purpose in life was to "debunk" the diet.  Apparently my questions about the validity of the diet -- my questions on How Does This Diet Indeed Work? and What About All The Naysayers, Are They Wrong?-- were taken as "Disrespect" by the moderators of that board.   Of course, that type of response to legitimate questions only made me even MORE cautious to take the diet seriously---because if these people actually had intelligent answers to my questions, they likely would not be so defensive and emotional about my asking them.  SURELY they are aware of the controversy surrounding this diet, I can't be the ONLY one with questions.   Their inability or lack of desire to answer the questions, further, their mocking attitude towards me was a *huge* red flag....about THEM, not the diet. 
OK, so I started the diet still not convinced that I was doing the right thing, and I stopped it after a week because it was very difficult and frustrating, but I still think there is something TO the diet.   After being on the diet for a week, I noticed a few things.  Although I started putting more milk in my coffee again, I noticed that I didn't ever actually *finish* the high-milk coffee, and ended up switching it out for clear tea.  Breads were "just ok", not the LIFESAVER I thought they would be after a week without them.   I craved the water I'd been drinking.   I looked forward to my small meals.  I was still not hungry, even without the drops. 
Last night I stumbled across a movie on Netflix streaming called FAT HEAD.   It starts off as a reply to Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me movie, but then veers off into information reinvofcing the idea that sugar and carbohydrates are the real problem with American diets, NOT FATS.   Basically, everything about the HCG diet that I had questions about, was explained through the bulk of this movie.  It had the answers that the people on the other Board could not answer.    I highly recommend the movie (it's slow at first but kicks in later). 
So my question is this (sorry for the lonnnnnnnnnng set-up):  If I want to re-start the diet, how can I do that to make sure I achieve maximum results this time?   Should I just begin again with loading days & go for it?
Also, I am a person who *absolutely needs* to exercise or else my mood is just really low.   I used to run 4 miles a day 4 times a week, but had a break of several months before starting the HCG diet.   I'm really wanting to start the diet again and include maybe a 1-2mile run in 4 times a week.   Sorry for the lengthy email, any advice you could give would be highly appreciated! 

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