Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 9 vlcd: +0.2 lb (-4.2 lbs total), 158.4 (this is the wrong direction!)

OK, I am not at all happy about this.  This diet is way too hard to be having a stall in the first week.   Well, here's what they DON'T talk about so much with this diet:  You will have high levels of frustration (if you don't lose despite putting in a serious effort), impatience (time doesn't seem to move quickly enough), and boredom (there's only so many ways to prepare these foods, not to mention that eating and food are such social affairs--you have to kiss that good bye for awhile).  

I will say that I have not had hunger over the past day or 2.  Seemed like on day 6 my hunger went away and stayed there.  

Also, last night I did have an extra helping of the 100 grams of meat while I was cooking my chicken last night; I just gobbled up one of my 100-gram servings as I was putting my chicken in their little single-serving bags.  I wasn't even HUNGRY; I was just SO BORED.   So, I can't totally be surprised.  But I still AM surprised because I still am only eating like no more than 650 calories a day.  I know that I'm not showing enough patience here, but I'm only human, so I won't beat myself up over it. 

I knew that I shouldn't but I got ANGRY at the scale this morning and I decided to "go off" the diet (for the moment) and I had an apple fritter with a coffee that had 1/3 cup of whole milk in it (I'm enjoying that cup as we speak, heehee--and strangely enough, I'm DONE with it after sipping 1/4 of it.  It is making me too full and I'm actually going to go switch to some clear TEA.  Maybe I AM changing??!!!!).     It was almost a "planned cheat" because I KNEW I was heading straight for the donut shop as soon as I saw my weight this morning.  I even still brought my chicken, my orange, my melba toast, & my greens to work with me.  So I am NOT going to chuck this, but I just got upset and angry and decided I wanted my sugar, bread and milk/coffee.     They say that the foods that are your "go to's" are the ones your body is most affected by in negative ways.   So,  if I am a sugar / carb addict, then So Be It, I'll work with it, I'll keep going on this diet, I'll work to change it.  I'm gonna need a plan of action to deal with the Boredom, the Impatience, the Frustration, and the Isolation Factor.   If anyone has any suggestions I am here with open ears!! 


  1. Hey! I know it can be so frustrating and yes boring... I know in the afternoons some days I just threw my hands up and ate- and it was probably out of boredom.

    So, in all of my rounds of HCG I think the biggest lesson I have come to learn is that sometimes it just sucks and sometimes it is freaking awesome! If that makes sense? It is most definitely NOT EASY and I think many of us express that frustration... but if it were easy then change wouldn't be occurring. So you are right in a sense, that you are changing your outlook on food and even your taste for food which start to lean more towards the healthy.

    Here are a couple questions I would ask if I had a slight gain: Is there anything that has touched my skin that should not? ie. lotion, butter, oils... makeup??? Am I drinking enough water? I upped my water intake to 5 oz. while on the diet which completely got old after I while and I really had to push to keep my water intake up. Since you are doing the drops- I would suggest skipping a dose (especially the night dose). Sometimes that would cause a loss the next day. And on that topic are you taking it at specific times... waiting to eat 15 min after dose? Are you drinking enough green tea? Have you had a bm? Maybe an epson salt bath at night would do the trick? Some light exercise would sometimes elicit a great loss the next day for me.

    Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away, but hope it helps... don't give up! Day 9 can definitely be a time for a stall. You could always try an apple day. I have always personally disliked them, but for some if you have the will power it can work! Anyway, hoping for a good loss for you! Hang in there!

  2. sorry- i just re-read your previous post so ignore the stuff about bm and exercise. :) Anyway, I was also going to ask- where did you get your HCG? Maybe there is an issue with it, because although I am a firm believer in homeopathic hcg you do have to be careful where you get it. Maybe get a pregnancy test and test it? But you aren't feeling hungry? Could it be hormonal? I am sorry- just trying to help. )

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! Sometimes you really need someone else out there to reflect back to you that yes, this IS a difficult diet, it IS a challenging thing to do. I've been cranky, anxious, rather negative so far on this diet--but it *has* improved as time has gone on, and my taste buds do seem to be different--in a subtle way, but still, different--so all this tells me that the diet is the right direction to go in. I'll be searching your blog & others to find "cheating" & how you dealt with THAT! :)

  4. So you have seen from my blog I am currently in P3 and cheating! Ugh, our temptations and lack of control always get us, and what is most frustrating is when you aren't even hungry! That means that later on when your scale doesn't go down you are even more frustrated with yourself! I will say that when you are following the diet to the letter and still not losing I would do as caitlin suggested and look for some other reason. I had this issue in my P2 and couldn't figure out what it was and it was TOM coming! Until that was over I wasn't losing. I would look at everything foods, oils, makeups etc and also make sure you are drinking. I will say as frustrating as this diet can be since you feel so deprived, I've never lost this weight so quickly - so it works! Good luck!

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