Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 5 vlcd: +0.8lbs (-2.6 lbs total), 160

OK, so after 4 days, I've lost 2.6 pounds.  That is NOT good.  It's because of my cheat, for sure, so today I've been ON POINT.    Melba toasts, 2, check.  100 grams of lean ground beef, with lettuce salad, check.  One orange, check.  1.75 liters water so far, check.  1 tbsp milk in my coffee, check.    NO deviations.   I have an apple or orange, another 100 grams of beef, and another lettuce salad to look forward to tonight.  Maybe I should take an epsom salt bath as well....I think I'm probably detoxing in this first week, I hope.   I've been sleepy, cranky, hungry, low-energy.   But, every day does have its moments, both good and bad.   I'm still doing this.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! The first week is very hard, especially if you have others around you eating good food! I had one lady commenting on my blog give up (she was doing homeopathic HCG and previously had done injection HCG). She said she just found it harder on the homeopathic. I'm not sure why, but if you continue to struggle you may want to try the injectible and see if that helps?) good luck, I will continue to watch your journey and will be with you soon - less than 3 weeks until I do round 2!

  2. Hi Karyn, likewise, thanks for commenting as well! I may have to take your advice-- I feel as if my body is just *holding on* to every last calorie I'm taking in (perhaps due to my bad first week). I don't want to quit yet--but if I don't see a good loss in the next few days, I may *have* to...I am hoping otherwise! Thanks for your input & I'll be there to see your progress as well!