Friday, February 18, 2011

Loading Day #2 and SURPRISE! T.O.M. is coming!

Loading:  its not easy to do.  And I do think the drops are working, because I'm noticing this light-headed wierd dizzy feeling that creeps up every now and again, accompanied by a *very slight* headache.  Also, I'm spotting today which means the T.O.M. will be here in several days, *and* my scale is due to come in the mail on Tuesday, Feb 22.  I've decided to weigh & measure myself on the 8th day of the VLCD (after one full week on). 

Had this horrible combative interaction on the HCGdiet board at yahoo...yeesh.  Either it's me who is all temperamental because of my approaching T.O.M. and/or the full moon, or my communication style evokes reactionary defensiveness.  Or, all of the above!!  Ah well, I explained myself enough, time to move on w/ things.   

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