Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The week was a wash. Tomorrow is VLCD day 1.

Sorry to report that my first week went terribly but I'm trying to get on track again. Here's how it went:
  1. Had no scale so no starting weight, then
  2. Took 3 loading days instead of 2, as my time of the month arrived on a start-day.
**VLCD day 1 perfect, 500 calories
**VLCD day 2 I caved in:  1600
**VLCD day 3 I was eating normal food but not much, 1300 calories
**VLCD day 4 would be today....I'm at 1100.  

I finally got my scale in the mail so basically I can "re-start" tomorrow with an actual *starting weight*.

Stayed on my hccg drops the whole time.

I was told by someone on the forum that I should just use tomorrow as my VLCD day 1 and use that weight.  But I can tell I'm retaining water BIG TIME.  I feel like a large bloated waterbottle.

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