Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 2 vlcd: -1.8lbs, 160.8

A loss.  YAY!   About to make my, it's hard to not have my coffee w/ milk in the tablespoon of milk just doesn't cut it.   Breakfast:  Tea, lots of water.
Today has been difficult.  I'm not so much HUNGRY as I am just wanting to do something pleasurable that will lift my spirits.  I'm stuck at work and can't really concentrate on doing anything other than being obsessed with my diet, other peoples' diets, reading the yahoo boards, adding up my calories, drinking my water, etc., etc., etc.   Basically driving myself crazy.  Poured more than a tablespoon of whole milk into my coffee just out of habit...had half the coffee then tossed the rest.  Thinking about eating those spinach leaves....
alright this is enough. I'm outta here, see ya tomorrow!

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