Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 1 vlcd Starting Weight: 162.6 and I made it through my first VLCD day!

Man, today was the day from HELL, had a meltdown at work, not working well w/ my boss, so I had to take a personal day, so I've had stress...but I DID manage to get through my first official VLCD day 1 so ALL IS WELL.

Weighed this morning on my BEAUTIFUL new scale:  162.6 is my starting weight.

I know I may not have losses until after VLCD day 3 because of my last week's errors, but I almost don't care, because  DAY 1 is DONE!

And what's cool is that I stopped having hunger issues 2 days ago -- I guess the drops are doing their job!  Hope hope!

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