Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decision made, steps have been taken.

I bought the HHCG and you can't return it, so here we go. 

OK wait....if that sounds a little negative, let me fill in the blanks. 
I bought it *after* I heard that it worked as well as the Rx HCG, and it was cheaper, and after I'd decided that I really didn't feel like buying all the stuff you need in order to deal with the Rx HCG.  Didn't want to have to inject myself either. 

So of course I bought the homeopathic stuff based on many thumbs-ups I received from some protocol veterans.   I'm all stoked because I DID IT!! I BOUGHT IT!  

THEN I googled "homeopathy" and "how homeopathy works".   I clicked on one of the links given to me.  It takes me to a page that says only "It doesn't." 

Great.  I research a bit more and after reading a myriad of conflicting assertions about homeopathy in general, I figured I bought stuff that wouldn't work & got buyer's remorse!  But apparently it has worked for many many people, and *not* from a simple placebo effect; and since I can't return it (whoops!), I'm just gonna go for it & figure that it'll work.  Why not?

OK so since I'm going to DO this, I've taken some steps to get me going in that direction.
  • Killed my membership at Weight Watchers.
  • Bought a good bathroom scale.
  • Bought a good kitchen / food scale.
  • Joined that yahoo group that everyone keeps talking about.  Been reading the posts for a couple of weeks now.
Guess I'll have to post beginning pics at some point, w/ out my head or other distinguishing characteristics that make me ME.   I hate when people don't post pics, but I also don't want to be um . . . on the internet in my undies!!!  At this weight!!   Oh well, let's get started.

I will receive my HHCG in the mail hopefully by Friday, so let's see what happens.

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