Thursday, February 17, 2011

Made an executive decision: Scale or no scale, I START TODAY

UPDATE:  3/3/11:  THIS WAS A MISTAKE. Do not rush into doing this diet.  Make sure you have everything you need and that you understand exactly what you're going to do.  Otherwise you'll waste your time and efforts like I did--as well as frustrate your first week's losses.   It's not worth it to be unprepared.

Ok, so here we go, I'm just going to plow forward whether I have a scale or not; this is because my scale hasn't arrived yet in the mail!  So, I'm just gonna have to literally skip right over the whole "Loading Gain - First VLCD day loss" dramatics & just go with my last recorded WW weigh-in weight, with a "one-week-on-the-diet"-1st weigh-in.    I dont' WANT to do this, but I want to get started this badly. 
Here's my starting measurements pic. 
Please excuse the um socks.
I figure that I'm ultimately trying to lose weight, so I can sacrifice those first few weigh-in numbers for the long-term gain of being thinner; so as long as I'm losing, then I'm going in the right direction.  My last recorded weight was 161.2 and that was 12 days ago (I skipped the most recent weigh-in; usually you weigh-in once a week).   I overate during that skipped weigh-in, so I'm guesstimating that I ultimately weigh about 162.  So let's just simplify this whole first week  (since I kind of HAVE to):  starting weight: 162.   Started the drops this morning, I'm starting w/ 6 drops 3 times a day.  Took my starting measurements.  That makes today Loading Day 1.  Now to set my iPhone alarm to alert me 3 times a day to take the drops. 

Starting Measurements:
upper arm = 13.5"
bust = 40"
chest = 34.5"
waist = 34"
hips = 41.5"
upper thigh = 25.5"
calf = 14"

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